Mommy needs a night off...that's all I'm asking for

So, I've been busy lately, which isn't unusal. But, its been fun busy with LH and trying to give Hubby the time and quiet he needs to catch up on sleep. He's been running crazy every morning this week with meetings at work, funerals, getting his car fixed, etc. so I've been keeping LH entertained and wearing him out as much as possible (movies, pool time, dinner out). NOW, that comes with not being home as much, so not cooking dinner or doing much (read: anything) around the house, but still, it's nice and quiet!! I have Thursday and Friday to get housework/laundry done! I'm not concerned.
Well, I asked Hubby to pick up Little Hauss today from preschool so I could have happy hour with the girls (to celebrate summer, a birthday, whatever....just a couple of hours of me time), and I got blamed for him not being able to work out and sleep much!!!!! WHAT??? I didn't schedule a funeral and 2 meetings at work???? But yet, its still my fault. Mind you I had already offered to have a friend pick LH up and bring him home later but he insisted on getting him!
I got irritated...imagine that, and pretty much told him that I would take care of it and tomorrow when we are supposed to take LH to the local fair (yes, I'm certifiable) and he could work out and sleep all he wanted and wouldn't have to spend anytime with us the entire week! I just feel like I can't do it all...I just need a break...2 hours..that's it! Grrr!

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