Life is Good

Our trip was wonderful and we had some really great weather! We enjoyed a few days on the beach and on the cloudy days, the MIL and I shopped while the boys played golf and did other boy things! Little Hauss was amazing the whole time - ride down and ride back and everything in between! We ate dinner out every night and I had enough shrimp to feed a small village!!! We also had nightly ice cream trips and I even got to read an entire book!!! We missed daddy lots and are glad to be back! Now, I guess I'll start counting down until my next trip!!!

Little Hauss checking out the water - FREEZING by the way, but he didn't seem to notice!
This was way more effective than using a shovel!

My future Heisman Winner!

The ONLY time I touched the water and did you notice my reverse flip flop tan? This is what happens when you spray on your sunscreen while you are still wearing your flip flops!!!

Little Hauss enjoyed about an hour or so nap under the umbrella and about 4 towels!! It was a little chilly in the shade!


Jamison Family said...

Looks like you all had a good time!

JR911 said...

Pretty toe nails!! :o)