It's exactly what I askeded for!

This is what Little Hauss kept saying after every single thing he opened on Christmas morning. It was so cute. He is so appreciative for everything and seeing the joy on his face was priceless, even when he got socks!

He really is a super special kid. He just lights up our hearts and helps us remember what this time of year is all about. We enjoyed Christmas Eve service with our family and all the kids sang Jesus Loves Me during their children's message. It was sweet and I shed a tear or two. Then, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus twice on Christmas day!

He was perfectly patient all day. He sat through opening gifts and breakfast, more opening gifts at my parents, and then took a good nap only to go back over to my parents for dinner, but then he was done. He had barely finished his meal before asking to go home to play on his new toys. We obliged and had the best time playing the Wii until our arms hurt. Mommy is not so good and very competitive, but we had a great time!

Now, we are in training so we are prepared on New Years Eve. We will be going over to our friend's house to play games and watch the VT/UT game! It should be a fun night.

I promise to post pics of Christmas soon!

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kelly bee said...

Isn't it great how they love whatever ends up under the tree?

You had a beautiful snow! We missed the snow here and the kids would have been so bummed if we hadn't had a stopover in NY where they got to see some.