25 Days!

Until Christmas!!!! I love it! I'm super excited about this Holiday season. You wouldn't really know it from my lack of decorating this year, but really, I'm loving it!
Hubby drug out all the decorations and he put together the tree, then went to bed! Little Hauss and I put the rest of the stuff out and even decorated his tree in his room with all of the ornaments he's made over the years, complete with a strand of red lights! Now, I honestly don't know where these lights came from. I have acquired a diverse collection of Christmas decor over the past 12 years from various sources, so who knows. I've never used the red lights, but never thrown them out either...I guess they came to good use! His room has a glow that reminds me of the red light district in Nawlins'! I can't say that around him though, because he will ask way too many questions that I'm not prepared to answer.
Oh, and the questions we are fielding these days are incredible.
LH is asking about Santa, where he lives, what he lives in, the reindeer, how he flies, how can he be in every store and the parade, and about all the elves. The elf is the big one. Nelson finally graced us with his appearance over the weekend. Not to be missed by LH - he was asking where he was when we were decorating. Thank goodness I was in the right mind to store him separately from the rest of the decor! I informed LH that he would probably come that night while he was sleeping because we now had the tree up and he knew we were ready for Christmas. He just has a knack about these things and would come see us. Well, you would think that would be enough...notsomuch! He wants to know how he flies back to the North Pole every night, why his eyes are always open, when does he sleep, how can he really see LH all the time even when we are not home, why he doesn't have shoes, and all other sorts of crazy questions only a 4 year old can come up with. It's exhausting. AND, he's so literal and inquisitive, that he doesn't just let you answer "because it's magic"!
As anything else, we are super busy, but it will be fun! Friday is the parade and it will be a perfect start to a fun filled month!
So, as we prepare for this time of year, we are also talking about the true meaning of Christmas. LH is very aware of what Christmas means and why we celebrate it. We are not going to let him forget that and teach him that the extras are just that - just another way to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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