Pickin' Pumpkins

I would love to say that I was there to enjoy this wonderful trip to the Pumpkin Patch, but I was working! It was a field trip done with LH's preschool and a friend of mine that tagged along as a chaperone with the class was kind enough to snap a few pics. We were so excited when the permission slip came home because we've been struggling to figure out when we had time to get him up there. It wasn't looking so good this year and I really didn't want to settle for a farmer's market pumpkin, but we would've if needed.

LH is not cooperating these days with photos - closing his eyes, grinning cheesily, and covering his face or turning his back to the camera! It could be a sign that I take too many pictures. Hope he acts much better next weekend when we get our pictures taken as a family! We'll see!

Searching for the perfect Pumpkin. He was a little disapointed that he had to stay in the "kid" patch and couldn't get a big pumpkin.

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