On a Roll....

With the posts.
Its been a lonely couple of weeks I know, but I'm back on now, so you won't be left to sulk and wait for me to find something completely random to share with you.

Just a few tidbits of what's been happening lately to catch you up:

All the carpet is gone in the basement as of yesterday. I played that one nicely and didn't have to help at all. Hubby did a fantastic job! The trash collection came this morning and hauled it all away! Now comes the fun part of getting the glue off - YUCK! But we are ready for this challenge and I just know it will be well worth all the work Hubby's doing!
I got my test results for the last time I took the test and NO PASS!!! Golly ned, I'm getting sick of this routine! I have now ordered the book to go with the Middle School Math and will be retaking the test in mid November. I've heard of people taking the math tests 5 and 6 times. Not what this girl wants to hear. BUT, this time was much better and I'm not far from the passing grade....much better than the other test I was attempting. We'll see!
Since we've been back, Hubby and I have been competing for time with our beloved DVR. It is quite comical because we were together so much on the ship and honestly do love spending time together, but it was like as soon as we set foot in the house, we went to our separate corners. He was in the man cave (doing all the laundry no less) and I was settled in upstairs putting the house back in order and sorting through mail. Now that it's been about a week, we've gotten a little fiesty over the DVR. I didn't complain the first 2 days back because he was doing ALL the laundry, but then I felt like I had to beg for about 2 hours of tv time to try and catch up on some shows. Now that he's back to work in the evenings, its been easier for me to get caught up, but with that, I've neglected the other aspects of my evening routine. I have a few baskets of folded clothes that need to be put up, bills to pay, books to return to the library, meals to plan, coupons to clip, and not to mention give the house a good scrub, but I can't seem to pull myself away from the TV at night! That's sad! Today is the day...I'm off work early and plan to get all kinds of stuff accomplished! And if not then, there's always tomorrow!

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JR911 said...

And speaking of TV shows......why on earth did Mo get voted off instead of Tracy???? Aarrggg, I am SO mad.