Packed Up

I'm packed up ready to go...have been since Tuesday! Hubby, notsomuch. Now, I will give him credit that he did all the laundry. ALL of it! But some is still in baskets waiting to be placed in a suitcase or a drawer!
I know we don't officially cruise out until tomorrow, but we really leave today in about 2 hours! Yeah, TWO! He did work last night, so I know he needs to sleep, but he hasn't put one thing in a bag! And, since we're staying with friends tonight and I don't want to risk overage in my carryon, we must pack a separate overnight bag for tonight! So, he really has 2 bags to pack!
I asked him this morning as he was laying in bed getting ready to fall asleep when he was going to pack and his response was, "I dunno"! What? This is stressing me out and it's not even my stuff. If I were spiteful, I might just let him rush packing and see how he feels when he's on a boat far out in the middle of the ocean with no undies, but I'm not, so of course, I'll pack...right....now!

SO, BON VOYAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plenty of posts with pictures as soon as we return!

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