Dots for Breakfast

That's what Little Hauss had this morning. Well, he ate some cereal and had a juicebox too, but also got a small box of Dots, thanks to his Papa!

I try to limit his sugar and definitely chocolate, but the problem during the week is IF he does want something like that, when to give it to him? After school/dinner is too late, so then the most reasonable answer is in the morning! I know it sounds crazy, but he's going to run off all that energy anyway, so might as well give him an extra boost! Plus, I don't feel this is wrong considering they sugar 'em up after naptime and send them home if there is a birthday or they have a special snack!

Well, last night, he had already had a treat from the basket after dinner, and then we went to Mauggie and Papa's just for him to have a piece of poundcake and some tootsie rolls. He wanted more (and yes, I said no to all of it, but they are grandparents and they spoil him) so I told him we would take the Dots home and he could have this morning. You woulda thought I told the kid he was losing his best friend the way Papa looked at me for telling him no! I can just imagine what will happen while we are gone!!! He might not want to come back home with us after a week with them!

Speaking of, 2 days and we are cruisin!

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