Varisty Blues Revisited

Have you ever seen "Varsity Blues"? If so, then you know that the whole town revolves around the High School football team! Well, our town isn't that far off from that concept. I love a good football game, but these days, I'm more interested in how Little Hauss enjoys them! There is a large hill that all the kids play on and roll down at the stadium, and don't you think for a minute that Little Hauss wasn't right there in the action! He did pretty well of not getting in any big kids way or getting trampled by the many touch football games going on around him. He is next in line to be a great football player or coach. He comes from a long line of them...Hubby's dad, Papa, was a player, even in the hall of fame for his college team, and a great coach for a couple high school teams, then there's an uncle who played for Virginia Tech on a full scholarship who then went on to coach at Marshall University, and then Hubby who played at the College level as well. So, with all that history behind him and the size, he has potential to be great! Well, we might be in for a surprise because this is how the evening played out. Get to the game, hang out at a little tailgate, go into stadium, get to hill, play on hill and roll around.......hear drums, stop, sit still in mom's lap and watch the entire pre game show!!!!!!! Music ends, back to rolling down hill and running off all the suckers had at the tailgate, halftime, drums again......stops dead in his tracks, sits still and watches entire half time show!!!!!! So, we might just have to wait and see how all this pans out!!!! Nothing wrong with being a musician, but I know a few tough guys that might be a little disappointed if he's not in some shoulder pads sporting a helmet!!!!

Pre game show

Another Sucker!

The whole family!

Below is a video of the fun Little Hauss had rolling down the big hill! By the way, this was just one of the many repeat performances of the night!

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