"Punkin" Patch

We went up the road a bit to a local "Punkin" Patch, as Little Hauss would say! It was so much fun and highly recommended for anyone with or without kids to enjoy!
We tried to get there fairly early to beat the crowds and to ensure an enjoyable, tantrum free morning!!!! Activities in the mornings seem to be better for us so we are always waiting on doors to open!!!
So, we started out at the barn with all sorts of farm animals including a donkey and turkeys! Little Hauss especially liked the horse "Maude" and the cow with her calf. We then took our turn on the "pony" ride, but Bunny was a little bit big I thought to be a pony, but all the same, he loved it! Next we walked around to see all the goodies they had to offer and Little Hauss settled on face painting with a green spiderweb complete with black spider! He's got an obsession with spiders and spiderman these days!!!
After that, Little Hauss and I left Hubby behind to take a hay ride. Unbeknownst to us, we thought we were just taking a little ride and coming right back, so we left Hubby with camera to wait on us, when in all actuality, we were headed to the pumpkin patches!!!! So, sorry to say we don't have any photos to share at this time of Little Hauss picking his pumpkin! However, it seemed that a few friends of ours had the same idea today, and we were lucky enough to find one in the patch that graciously took some photos and will be emailing them to me soon!!! Thanks goodness for Ms Christine!
Little Hauss found a good punkin' fairly quickly and then we headed back to meet Hubby. We then got some lunch and a cupcake complete with a candy pumpkin on top! That brought our day to a conclusion and before we even got off at our exit, Little Hauss was passed out, thumb in mouth!!! He is a thumb sucker, a habit we are desperately working on breaking, but while in sleep mode, that thing is NOT coming out, no matter how hard we try! The video below shows how he won't let it go!
Also, thanks to my cousin, we had the overalls! I just wanted to see if they fit and then he wouldn't take them off!!!! So, I guess he just wanted to look the part on the farm. He wasn't as dressed up as one little cowboy we saw with hat, boots and even a gun!!!! Too cute!

Proud of his Punkin'
Heading to the patches!

He's a good milker!

Petting "Maude"

Taking a ride on "Bunny"
Sat really still for his spider web!
Ooh! Scary!
Hayride to the pumpkin patch!

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