Milestones, throwbacks and fresh air

Are you all still here? Do you even care what I have to say anymore even if it is far and few between??? I sure hope so, especially if I'm going to write it all out....

So, instead of trying to go way back, I'll just start here in the now and work backwards???

LH is almost 6! He is weeks away from first grade complete with 2 dozen glue sticks...yes, really, they required 24 flippin' glue sticks! I hope he has a lot of cool projects to bring home. They will probably dry up before he even gets to use them all.

He's been enjoying summer daycare. They go somewhere cool almost everyday! Swimming at a water park, lake or pool, bowling, museums, ice cream, Chuck E Cheese, a creamery, and so much more. He likes it but is excited he will be staying home after school with his daddy again this year! We are exited too because it saves a ton of money!!!

He's playing football!!! They have started practice - 3 times a week. At first I thought it was a bit much, but seems to be ok. Good thing is their games are only once a week and on Tuesdays!! No weekends yet! And, best part is Hubby is assistant coach so I don't have to take and pick up for practice!!! It is the little things in life!

M&M will be ONE in a couple of weeks. I'm not sad yet. She's just so sweet and still so tiny to me, that it isn't really getting to me. She is so much fun. She's still gabbing and smiling all the time. She hardly cries and I'm pretty sure she wants to walk. She's taking steps but then just sits down and crawls. LH is so good with her. He loves her to pieces.

She has two teeth on the bottom and isn't rushing to get anymore. I'm ok with that because she seems to be eating whatever we put in front of her just fine. And believe you me, she hasn't met a snack she doesn't like!

We are on our last can of formula!!!!!! Oh, what a great feeling that is. We've been mixing in whole milk with her bottles and giving her some in sippy cups and she loves it. I'm easing her into it so she isn't all gassed up!

We have been on tons of mini trips and are enjoying every minute of our summer. Just last weekend we went "camping". I can't really say we camped since we were in a cabin with A/C and a bathroom. I'm not a tent and toilet paper kind a girl! I will say it was one of our best family vacations and we can't wait to go back. It was at a Jellystone campground complete with Yogi, Boo Boo and Cindy Bear! They offer such great activities for all ages and the best part was it was super close to home so we had all day Sunday to relax instead of behind a windsheild.

I'm ready to stick a "For Sale" Sign in the yard and by an RV.

We have a great trip coming up this weekend too. We are going to Raleigh to see Journey, Foreigner, and Night Ranger. Throwback to the 80's. I'm seriously considering pegging my jeans, teasing my hair and wearing about 4 colors of scruncy socks. I can't wait!!! It is technically my birthday present (which is NEXT weekend).

I've got more...really, but I'm half asleep so instead of mistyping and writing really funny things (like my phone does when it autocorrects me), I'll just call it a night and visit you again tomorrow....hopefully!

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