Spring has sprung

I'm loving this weather. It is a little hotter than usual this time of year, but I'll take anything over snow, even the pollen that comes with it! We've (Hubby) put the screen in the front door and we leave windows open all day! It's bliss! Our house gets a lot of wind, so we get a great breeze and can go without the A/C for a little longer - um, this year, we might need to cut it on sooner than later with baby on the way - just saying!

Gigi and Pop came in for Easter and we had a great weekend playing with LH and shopping! We orderd the crib!!! It is coming from Walmart and shipping to the store so we didn't have any costs associated with that - woohoo! It will be here before the end of April!!! I was shocked fully expecting it to be here in 6-8 weeks or something. SO, now we gotta get a move on the dresser and really get our ducks in a row. We looked for bedding, but I still can't find anything that I like, which will put me back at making it (aka - MIL making it)!! I will help measure and cut fabric - she will sew! I will post a pic of what I found at Joann's last week. I am still on the lookout for another color (hopefully orange) that I can accent with.

Hubby and I had a date night while Gigi and Pop kept LH overnight! We had a great dinner at Olive Garden (used a gift card too - so double wow!) and we stayed out too late - around 8:30! HAHA! We ran some errands on my quest for an outdoor umbrella with no luck! We then laid around on the couch watching TV and just talking. It was nice but we were so exhausted.

We enjoyed a great Easter lunch with both sides of grandparents and my brother. I hope to get a picture posted of our sweet family soon....Hubby and I were happy, LH notsomuch. It was way past his naptime and he was done. He had a full belly and was not interested in wearing his cute outfit any longer! Oh well, I'm sure I'll dress him in it again, so maybe I'll get a good pic then!

We are getting stuff done around the house. This weekend we will put shelves up in the basement and clean out the dresser in the baby's room. Hopefully we can start prepping it to be painted and maybe find some new drawer pulls!

I'm also hoping the weather will be fairly nice and we can spend some time outside again!!!

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