That's what I'll be today - maybe. I'm up at 5 am. I was technically up at 3:45 am and tossed and turned until about 4:45 am then just decided to get up. My tummy was growling anyway, so I made breakfast #1. Yes, I said #1. I will eat again around 7 or 8 I'm sure. Do I care? No.

I don't feel tired though. I will about noon, I know, but right at this moment, I feel great. I'm sure the very large cup of coffee I'm sipping is helping tremendously. I'm trying to be productive during my "free time". I've checked email, facebook and now the blog! I think I've done a lot so far! Hehe! I might even fold a load of laundry, but then again, I might not!

I'm sure this will just add fuel to my fire today. Lately I've been a little, well, blunt! I'm always a straight forward person and will definitely speak my mind, but recently it's been more tactless. Not even sure if that is a word. I've just been downright mean, evil, hateful at times. I know that is sooooooo far fetched for me, but it's true. (sarcasm in case you missed it)

I am not a mean person. I'm not evil and do not usally do things out of spite, but lately, my hormones are getting the best of me and I just don't seem to care. If I get pissy or something bothers me, I just say/do whatever I feel like and don't really care about the consequences. Now, nothing major has happened, but it just seems lately I've been less censored. I am the type of person that won't sugar coat or say something just to make you feel better. You will get the truth no matter what, but with this pregnancy, there just might not be any fluff with it. So, I guess in essence, this is a warning. Don't piss me off! Haha!

I've been comparing myself to an old woman - ya know those types. They just think because they are old they can say/do whatever they want and they don't give two shakes who cares! Yep, that's me.....in a nutshell!


Princess said...

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I hope you follow mine too ;-)

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