Bare Naked

Get your minds out of the gutters!!!

I'm referring to our yard! It has been stripped down to nothing. We haven't really landscaped since we have lived in our house (4 years now), but we are starting to work on a plan. Its a costly little adventure, so we've just let it be up until now.

So, as if we didn't have anything else going on in our lives, we've decided to do some major yard work!!! We are crazy like that! It seems we get more done the more we have on our plate! Totally irrational concept, but true for us!

Hubby tore out all the greenery in the front of the house. This included a couple huge boxwoods and a holly bush (very prickly). They weren't really good for anything other than height. We need something fairly full in the front because if not, it would just look weird. He also trimmed out the monkey grass in the bed under the big tree. The only issue is now there are two huge tree-ish stumps to get rid of. We thought about pulling them out with the truck, but one is growing a root under the house! So, we are looking into options of killing the root or somehow digging it out! In their place, we are hoping to put in some knockout roses! They bloom and get full and love sun! Perfect for our house! Then we are also thinking of some sort of ground cover to go under the tree to give it some color. We've been purusing lowes garden center and the internet all weekend for ideas.

For now, there is just some blank space in the front of the house but at least we have a clean slate to work with and do what we want!!

I did contribute with the yardwork believe it or not! I held the trashbags for hubby so he could put all the leaves in there! All 10 bags. I may have been sitting on my arse part of the time (on the hill) but I was still helping. I'm sure all the people that drove by and saw me "lounging" were wondering why he was doing all the *work*!

All in all, it looks better than it did before even if there is nothing there now! I guess I know what we'll be doing this weekend!!!

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