O'er the hills we go....

Laughing all the way!

We took Little Hauss to a local golf course infamous for sleighriding when it snows this morning! He wasn't 4 steps out of the truck before he was trying to slide down the hill!!! It was an absolute blast! I took lots of pictures. We met some friends there and all the kids (and parents) had so much fun!
He did so well going down and walking back up - even carried his sled a few times. Most of the time he convinced a dad at the bottom of the hill to carry it up for him!!! Sneaky!
Here are some of the pics from the day!

Ready to Go!
Saucer was FAST!!!!!

Love my boys!

His daddy carrying the sled back up!

Proof I was actually there!!!

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Tiffany and Jamie said...

I'm so jealous. Looks like you guys had a of fun though!