Just a lunch break

To treat myself for working ALL five days this week, I decided to venture out at lunch to run to Wal-mart and the Dollar Store. Yes, very exciting I know, but entertaining no less!

Wal-mart itself wasn't too bad, except for the store employee who definitely needs a talking to about personal hygiene! He had frizzy hair pulled sloppily back in a ponytail, with his over stretched out navy shirt unbuttoned clear down to his navel complete with a sweat ring around the neck! Nice!

The real entertainment didn't start until after I left Wal-mart believe it or not! I got stuck behind a red camero at the stop sign coming out of the parking lot. I was beginning to think she was turning left, because for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why she hadn't gone yet. I guess her hair was to heavy to move her head side to side that fast to check for traffic! Really, the biggest hair I've ever seen. It looked like she had a space helmet on. She finally turns and I am still stuck behind her on the street as she is taking her merry ol' time down main street (during the lunch rush on a Friday no less). She turns into a parking lot (the same one I need to go to) but I proceed to the light, wait through an entire cylce of light changes, and by the time I get into the lot, park and am walking to the Dollar Store, I see her still getting out of her car!!!! And she is all decked out with a purple velour jogging suit and her big hair! I'm pretty sure she might have gotten the door shut and her car locked by the time I entered the store! Laasssss!
I'm only in the Dollar Store for a few minutes, find what I need, hear the ladies that work there discussing how they are "so over all the drama here"! I guess there is drama everywhere, but I really don't think I want to know about theirs! I get to the checkout line and see a woman clearly not college student age in her pajamas! Really? I thought that was only an "outfit" (if you even consider it that) seen on college campuses!
Hair is about the same size except my lady had an orange color!!!
So, I guess there really are the "people of walmart" in our area. I even pulled a few images courtesy of the people of walmart website for this post!

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JR911 said...

Too funny.....it's amazing what you can find at Walmart, isn't it?