Smarty Pants

Little Hauss is a smarty pants - sometimes I love it and sometimes notsomuch! He remembers everything and won't let you forget it.

Yesterday, I got off work early, so I headed home first before picking him up at preschool. Hubby was up, so we hung out a few then both went to get him. From the time LH got in the car, he grilled Hubby on the caramel dip. The dip we signed up to bring for the class party that is today. Hubby said he didn't get it. "Well, you were supposed to go to the gym, then to the store to get the caramel dip, then go home to sleep Daddy" says LH with a tilt of the head and some tude in his voice. Really? He's just too stinkin' smart for his own good sometimes. What happened next? You guessed it....off to the store!

I just need to start telling him what's on my to-do list instead of writing it all down. At least I'd save a lot of paper!

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JR911 said...

And it just gets better.......