Worth it?

It's not a secret that I don't love exercise. Hubby is addicted, which makes things interesting. I've been trying - again. I love walking (no more running for me or I really will have a hovoround) and swimming and I don't mind exercise classes if I can get to them. It's getting a little easier for me to take them with our schedules and Little Hauss being able to stay up later as long as he's fed a snack!!!
Well, I took a new class and it kicked my arse! along with my abs, legs, arms, and especially back! Wow! I was so sore before bed that night that I knew 2nd day soreness was going to suck! It really didn't so I think I'm a gluten for punishment and I'll take it again....as well as a few more classes! I've even dvr'd some videos from Fit TV!!!
So, as much as I don't want to do it, I'm liking the results....well, not the immediate soreness, but the rest of it aint so bad!


Emily said...

Ok, I also DVR FitTv and my hubby thinks I'm crazy. It's nice to know I'm not!!! haha If you ever need a walking buddy let me know!

Casey said...

Elizabeth and I are starting to ride bikes. It is expensive to get into and really time consuming but it is great exercise.

After losing 115 pounds.... 70-80% of it is diet, only 20-30% is exercise. Although exercise is very important and doing both is a great one, two punch.


Hokie Girl said...

Casey I'm so excited you read the blog!!!! I thought Hubby was the only guy!!!! =) Thanks for the tips...I have debated getting a bike for awhile...we'll see! I'll keep practicing on the stationary one at the gym for now!