• My birthday is nearing. Know how I can tell? Besides the date? The afternoon thunderstorms! Everyday they roll in and only linger for a moment it seems! I always planned a pool party and every year but one I had to move it to the house due to these thunderstorms! So, August is a love hate relationship for me! I love that I celebrate my anniversary and birthday, but the weather drives me crazy!
  • I get the results to my second attempt of my test next Tuesday - lots of possibilities when I pass! I did sign up for the next test in September just in case!
  • Pirate Party Planning is going well - we found lots of stuff in the dollar store!!! I now have all the "booty" and just need to worry about food! We could have about 15 or so kids there!
  • Football season is approaching and we are heading to Hotlanta for the kickoff of the Hokies season against Alabama - which should be interesting since mom, dad, and my uncle are huge fans for the Tide! At this point all of our tickets are together, so we will definitely be a diverse bunch!
  • We are planning and researching for the cruise and Nawlins! Dad scored us a sweet deal at the Omni Royale right in the heart of the city! Apparently this is where celebrities stay when they are in town....I'll keep you posted if I see any when we're there. Now we are just checking out some things to do while we are there and also trying to figure out which excursions we want to do.
  • I am taking Little Hauss for his 4 year old pictures...HA! I say that like I get them done regularly! I haven't had professional photos taken of him in years.....My roomie from college will be happy that she has an updated photo on her fridge!!!
  • Last but not least - I'm starting to look for LH's Halloween costume!

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JR911 said...

I hope you guys have a great trip..we'll miss you!