Well, almost!

Hubby worked hard, super duper hard on a surprise party for me! But, due to changing locations and some other things, the cat was out of the bag! Never the less, the party was still a success!!!! I had a blast and enjoyed myself thoroughly - but why wouldn't I, it was my birthday party afterall!

I am blessed to have such great family and friends that let me love my birthday as much as I do and put up with my countdowns and "it's all about me" days leading up to, during and sometimes after the big day has come and gone! I know they pick on me but I still love it just the same....and I'm not mad at the girls anymore for totally dissing my happy hour on Friday! I was a little bummed when I put the word out for a low key porch happy hour to celebrate my birthday and only 3 were willing to come! Everyone had an excuse, but I didn't realize it was because we were going to be celebrating on Saturday night!!! I cancelled happy hour and just shook it off!!! They all apologized for turning me down but said they weren't sure they could've made it through the afternoon knowing that there was a party the next night!

There were a few surprises left and they were great! My roomie from college and her husband made the trip from Raleigh to celebrate with us and hubby did a fantastic job of putting together a great photo collage from the past 30 years along with my baby blanket and some other mementos my mom helped out with!

I loved every minute of it and it was such a great feeling to know that I have the friends I do that love me unconditionally and made it such a special night! Thanks so much to everyone for a wonderful birthday!

Less than year until the next one!!! HAHA!

Pics to come!

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