Love Man....

Little Hauss has found a new love interest! I can't believe he's growing up and falling in love!!!! She is older, sweet as can be and just the cutest little girl from his preschool class! He is smitten! Sweet Pea (that's what we'll call her) came over after school for a play date and they were cracking me up before we were buckled in!
They were practically climbing over the fence on the playground to get out and start their "date"! We had toys scattered all over the house and I think less than half of the sand from the sand table stayed in it - the rest was on the patio! No worries, fun was had by all! They had a snack on the front porch swing and played school (not LH's idea, but he follows direction well) and just had a great afternoon!
Poor little man tried to go home with her by planting himself in her mommy's back seat, but we explained that it was time for them to part ways....he was ok with it, but they've both already started asking when he can go to Sweet Pea's house and play!

Here are some pics from the afternoon!

Little Hauss and Sweet Pea in the car on the way home!
Playing school and in the tunnel (of love?)

Time for a popsicle and swing on the porch!

Digging in the toy box....yay, he found his special helmet!

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