Let the Festivities begin!

My birthy-days have officially begun!!!!! Technically, there is still ONE more day until the blessed event, but the party has already started!

Today, I was greeted with some gifts from the girls at work and just finished up a nice lunch with the office folk! Great people they are!!!!! I'm so lucky to work with such a fantastic group of women (and one pretty important man) and they are so good to me! I feel loved!

So, this is just the kickoff to the rest of the events occurring over the next few days and I have to say, I'm really excited! Tonight I'll hang out with a great friend who I don't get to see enough and tomorrow after work (10:30am) I will promptly visit Sweet Baby Girl in the hospital and finally meet Micah who finally graced us with his presence around 12:30 this morning after a LONG labor! Then I get to head to a much needed spa appointment for the afternoon! I will get pampered with a pedicure and massage! I will top off the evening having dinner with Hubby - just the two of us -which is a treat in itself!

Friday will be fun as I get to take Little Hauss to get his pictures taken and spend some one on one time with him and the rest of the day will be taken up with pirate party preparation!!! Hopefully, I'll end the afternoon with a happy hour on the porch with girlfriends!

Oh, and the fun doesn't stop there - as you probably figured! Saturday we will celebrate LH's birthday with lots of little kids running amuck then dinner with friends that night!!! Thank goodness Gigi is taking LH back to Georgia with her on Sunday because I'm going to need some rest after all this fun stuff!


Tiffany and Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun next few days! Why are you doing LH birthday so early though?

Hokie Girl said...

Well, it's only a week early, but it falls on Labor Day this year and we will be in Atlanta for the Tech game. Also, the weekend after is full of other stuff going on!!! Besides a week night, this was the only time!!!

JR911 said...

Well, behave yourself and have fun (in that order, hee hee hee)! I'll be looking forward to pictures of the pirate party!!