I feel so blessed - I am blessed and I recognize that not everyone is!

I have recently joined a small fellowship group (bible study) through my church and I love it. It is exactly what I have been looking for! It is an all women's group and a mixture of ages, but such a wonderful bunch!

I am on a journey right now to learn more and gain a closer relationship with God and this group is working its magic. We are reading "The Shack" right now and have a lesson/discussion along with it. We know it's fiction and aren't necessarily taking the words to heart, but we are reflecting on it with trials and relationships in everyday life mixed with our faith and love for God. It is a thought provoking book and just an interesting read.

Last night some topics were discussed along the lines of poverty and discrimination and the like, and we reflected on our personal feelings and prejudices that the world has. Some of the stories that were told were heart wrenching and really give you a sense of appreciation for what we DO have. In addition to tangible things that most of us take for granted, like homes, clothes, food, and jobs, we also have our faith. I can't begin to understand feeling no connection to God - How lost a person is without that.

I help around the church, give to Goodwill and other organizations, try to volunteer for things and just do my part, but there is so much we can do and should do. After hearing some of these stories and testimonies of others, it makes me want to do more and I realized that even doing what I already do, it's so small in the scheme of things.

Are you doing your part?


Kim said...

Have you read the Left Behind series? You must!!! Just ask JR, she'll tell you how addictive they are. And educational.

JR911 said...

I am so happy for you that you found a group that fits you well and helps you grow in the Lord. There is nothing more rewarding than being humbled to Him and what He has done for you and taking that to the next level by extending a helping hand to others less fortunate than you.

We bought a few small grocery items for soldiers that the VT cadets were collecting and we let out little man take it to them. Afterwards, he came to me and told me it made him feel good to help others out. I LOVE THAT! I wish everyone would try to raise up the next generation of unselfish people.