Is it possible....

For a person to become ONE with a piece of furniture, like a couch?
I'm pretty sure my arse has affixed itself to the couch this weekend and it is going to take A LOT to get it to work tomorrow!

Seriously, I took full advantage of no work, Little Hauss feeling a little under the weather, and Hubby being home for 4 days, and we've just been completely lazy! I am hoping that Little Hauss can go to school tomorrow. I mean, I'd love to have another day off work, but that means, I'd have to go in on Friday.....yuck, so we'll see how it all works out! He's not really feverish, but just a little tired and clingy. It is kind of nice to just lay around and watch movies and cuddle, except we've seen 'Cat in the Hat' about 4 times and his personalized 'Spiderman' video about 12 - not kidding!

I have made good use of my couch sitting time by being a little travel agent for Hubby and friend for their trip to Austin, TX in march for a wedding! I will find the best deal possible! I love it but sometimes it can take a while! We have finalized a flight and now are working on hotels! Um, I will NOT allow $250/night for a room just because that is where the groom will be!!!! There are perfectly suitable alternatives within 1/2 mile of that hotel that are MUCH cheaper!

Other than that, I've been checking on school info - yes, I've decided to go back to school - all in another post! and working on our own little vacay sometime this summer....SO, I've not been completely lazy.....my fingers have done alot of work!! Now, I think my coffee is ready, so I need to get my arse off the couch and fill up my cup!

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