The Grouch!

There is a grouch that has found its way into our workplace and I don't like it! At. All.
He doesn't even work in my office. He's all the way accross the street in a different office, but nonetheless, he grates my nerves!
He's too sensative, whiney, and everyday is a bad day. He doesn't speak, but mumbles, is careless and STILL can't figure out what job he's actually supposed to do!
Everyone has their fair share of bad days. You vent, you deal! You don't let it linger around all of your co-workers. It makes everyone else grumpy.
So, learn how to cope! Leave your issues at home and smile, even if you don't want to! Pretend!!! Its not that hard because the rest of us have all done it! So, I tell you grouch, it is possible!


KPC said...

Oh my gosh!!! Too funny. He's back there mumbling now!!! I just might give that pic to him. I'll let you know how that goes over.

KPC said...

I taped the pic to his monitor (it's small), and he actually laughed!!!

JR911 said...

If you can fix it, let me know. A buttstroke with a SIG might to the trick.