It's a-m-a-z-i-n-g what you can get done without a 3 year old aka Little Hauss running around!!! My dad, POP, is in town on business, and graciously offered to take Little Hauss out to a healthy dinner (Denny's) so I could get something, anything done! Who really cares where they went....it wasn't here in my hair (and remember previous post about me slipping - he's lucky he got fed at all)!
I was soooooooo productive. I painted 2 plates, set of 4 pilsers, and an ornamet. This was all done in a matter of an hour and a half or so! Now, I think that leaves about 3 plates and some wine glasses! OH, and the wrapping. The wrapping is kind of low on my list of priorities. It WILL get done before Christmas, guaranteed!
Now, in the midst of all this painting, there was some cooking, with the help of Hubby of course. He did some prep work so all I did was add some spices and canned tomatoes to make some spaghetti sauce. AFTER all that hard work he didn't even eat it. He went back to sleep while he had the chance. I really don't blame him!!! REMEMBER, no Little Hauss!! At least he'll have something other than sandwiches to eat for dinner tonight!!!
Now, I did partake in a beer.....it helps me relax. Tis the Season!!! Lately though, there has been mention by a few people that maybe I don't need to drink a beer or glass of wine EVERY night. A few people being Hubby and maybe one other person. WELL, I like it and I'll do it. Normally I join the girls for the weekly happy hour and possibly some cocktails (very possibly) on the weekend, but as of late, happy hour isn't so much and I'm a little cranky, so I enjoy the occassional (daily) bevy to relax. MIND you, Hubby was telling me this realization he's had as he was trotting himself downstairs to fetch me a cold one!!! So sweet! I think he's just jealous that he can't join me. Ya know, because that work thing gets in the way!!! Hehe.

Side note: Very sorry to all who did read this post before this morning. I was in the middle of composing, and set the laptop down and walked away (um, note to self: don't leave laptop unattended with a 3 yr. old nearby) and when I came back, I just closed it so I could work on this later. Um, Yeah, apparently, he finished my post and then published it for me!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

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