I'm done shopping!!! That is ALL I've accomplished. I still haven't worked much (aka - at all) on my projects. I'm pretty sure that I need to stop slacking and get moving on that because they are SOMEONE'S Christmas presents!!!! I just feel so worn out by the time Little Hauss goes to bed that I don't want to get all the supplies out and paint. Hopefully tonight will be better beacause Hubby is home to help! Might even persuade him to cook dinner and do bath time!

I've been told a few times in the last week that I'm slipping! By whom, you might ask? Hubby!! He woke up to get ready for work las night and went to get his dinner out of the fridge to take to work, and all I heard was, "Mac and Cheese?, Really?" with Salmon, no less!!!!! Well, Little Hauss wanted mac and cheese. I had salmon on the menu. I prepared it with a balsamic and honey dijon glaze! Sounds fancy right? Well, it kind of was. I LOVE to cook and usually have a whole meal planned with complimentary side dishes! I'm getting lazy! After this week, I PROMISE to cook a great meal - without "kid" food!!!! Ok, maybe next week, AFTER Christmas! At least he's not taking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He should be thanking me!!!!

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KPC said...

He should be thanking you that you packing him dinner period!! My husband rarely gets that. Usually because I pack leftovers and he won't take them. At least he brags on me when he does take them.