The number of wrapped gifts under my tree!
Now, you may thing that I'm getting on the ball after my previous post about not having anything done, but don't be fooled! The gift under the tree is MINE! Yep, Hubby took advantage of my trip out of town to purchase and wrap one of my presents. Must be nice being him! He only has to worry about me. He tells everyone he got married so he didn't have to remember birthdays, cards, gifts, anniversaries, etc. That's what I'm supposed to do!!! I don't mind, but this year I'm swamped!!!
Little Hauss wants me to open it really bad!!! He asks everyday if its Christmas yet so I can open it. I wonder what he'll do when they multiply??? That's if I get it all done!! HA!! At this point, everything might just be from "Santa" and laid out when he wakes up Christmas morning (they are unwrapped if they are from Santa).
I'm so busy these days, you'd think I'd just fall out at night, but no, I'm wide awake until at least midnight!!!! AND, you'd think if I'm that awake, I'd make good use of my time and work on the many painting projects I have to get to people for gifts to their loved ones before Christmas, but no, I don't! In fact, tonight, I'm spending my night with this:

and a great friend. Hopefully it will make me sleep better!!!

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