NO TOYS.....

WAS my motto for Christmas. Little Hauss is 3. He's really starting to understand that Santa will bring him a few things on Christmas morning to play with and he's asking for things! Things that I'm a little confused about but oh well. He is relentless! OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Don't worry, I won't forget! I promise. He tells Nelson, our Elf, what he would like, so Nelson can tell Santa.
He's been mentioning drums for a while. Um, yeah right! I want him to have a great Christmas, but I also want to hear myself think! No brainer!!!! Well, Mauggie (Mother in-law) might get him some "drums". If not, we are considering it. They are ELECTRONIC!!!!!! It has VOLUME control! SWEET! I can deal with that!
Here are a few things that Santa will be bringing him. Also is a handheld Diego game that we can take with us on trips in the car and places that he'll have to wait (Dr. or restaurants) as well as Spiderman watch, the Bee Movie, and Cat in the Hat Movies. It really isn't much, but he's 3!!! We have toys coming out the arse! In fact, I need to some "cleaning" soon. I try to go through his stuff and get rid of old, broken or beat up toys and then put the ones that he's growing out of and sick of in storage. I'm pretty sure I can open a used toy an clothes store in my attic!
Electronic Drums! They have VOLUME control!

Transformer Toy

Now, all I have left is to get a few stocking stuffers! I really am looking for spiderman or some character body foam!!! I have a few little things like a slinky, crayons, card games, and some candy, but still need some stuff! Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow and then I can concentrate on wrapping!!!


Ty-Ty's Mom said...

We said the same thing to Ty about "no toys" because he only seems to be interested in the nintendo wii. He's so good at it. However, I don't like him playing it for more than an hour a day, so Santa will be bringing him the other items on his wish list :) Those drums look cool! We have the LOUD set. It's not bad.

GoekeFamily said...

That Drum Kit is a fantastic gift. I actually know adults that have that thing! I cannot wait until my little guy can understand Christmas!

Hokie Girl said...

Good....I think we are definitely getting them!!! I have a friend who has some and says you barely notice them!! NICE!