I've had my fix.....

Oh, I love my girls!!! They keep me grounded, real, SANE!
We usually have happy hours weekly, or monthly (aka, whenever works) girls nights, but lately, its been non existant!!!
Now, we've seen each other out and about here and there over the past few months, but no "real" girl time! I NEED my girl time! Hubby wants me to have my girl time!!! Really!
SO, one of the girls was in town for the holidays and we had Christmas Cocktails last Monday, and it was wonderful! Then, a few of us went out on Friday night to a local Bar and had a mini reunion with friends in from out of town! Last night was a quiet, low key dinner with a small group and TONIGHT we went to see a movie - Marley and Me!
First of all, I love my girls nights....did you get that? BUT, more than that, I LOVE Hubby for agreeing to all the nights out!!! He's picked up all the slack and not whined or complained about it one bit!!!! Loving it! I think I'm done for a bit....there is some major football to watch coming up in the next few days, and I seriously doubt he'll be so willing to let me run amok with the girlies!
So, I've had my fix......it should last me a couple weeks!

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