Bought, Wrapped, and under the tree!!!

Oh, did you think I meant me??? NO. Now, I am a planner, I thrive on it and LOVE to have my calander full and know what's happening next, but this year, I'm a little behind on the buying, (pretty much just stocking stuffers left), wrapping, and such! I DO have all of my cards addressed and stamps bought, but just not quite ready to send. THIS will happen today! I hope.
I am giving a shout out to a friend of mine who is usually at the mall on Christmas Eve!!! NOW, in her defense, most of the time its to help her dad finish (or start) his shopping. THIS year though, she is WAY ahead of the game. I was over there yesterday and was shocked by all the cute wrapped gifts under her tree! I was more shocked that she was done before me. She's not the planner like me....in fact it drives her crazy if I ask her plans for the weekend on Wednesday of that week!!! She's just a little more laid back than me....oh well, we mesh well!
Now, maybe she can be my inspiration and I'll have all my stuff done this week!!!!


Ty-Ty's Mom said...

One year, this will be me. I was hoping that year would be this year, but it's not happening. With twins on the way, it keeps your mind in a fog. ;)

Hokie Girl said...

This is usually me, but not this year!!! Maybe next year! That'll be my new years resolution! =)