All the things....

That I shouldn't be doing but am....

Going OUT to lunch after church
taking a NAP
NOT going to the grocery store.

Hmmmmmm, I guess I'll be up into the wee hours tonight getting all the stuff I should be doing done....

Going to the grocery store
Making snacks for tomorrow night's Girl's group gathering
Making soup for our office potluck lunch tomorrow
Painting 3 plates, set of pilsners and one other gift...can't mention it just yet or she might know what it is if she reads this
Cleaning the bathroom
Figuring out something for dinner
Laundry...(remember I dont' do that, but it still needs to be done - will talk to hubby about that!)
Christmas Pagent at church at 5:30

So, I guess the one thing that might get done before the pagent is the bathroom....off I go!!!

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