Ginia Tech!

That's what Little Hauss says! We are working on VIRginia Tech, but he gets the idea! Even though he said he liked the man on the horse!!!!! Don't worry Hokie Fans, we are going to set him straight! The mind of a 3 year old just doesn't understand some things!!!
So, how nice was that win??? I would have loved to have SEEN it for myself!!! HAHA....I really did just pass out on the couch before the 1st quarter was over. Hubby woke up to watch the game and after I fed Little Hauss I just laid on the couch and got really comfy.....2 hours later, I was woken up by Little Hauss wanting a snack!!!! I obliged and sent him to the man cave to spend some much needed time with his daddy! I then made my one and only outing for the day to the grocery store! What an exciting life I lead!!! I know you're jealous!

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Lauren said...

Not EVERYONE loved the outcome of the game. :) It was SO great seeing you Friday!!! And I hope to see you over Christmas! Keep the photos of your little one coming!