Feeling Crafty!

So, I love love love to paint, craft, create!!! I've been on kick lately with ideas realing through my brain!!! I haven't had much time to do these things in the last few years because of one little monster I am trying to keep up with! Well, he's becoming quite independent these days and can entertain himself (or a movie can entertain him too) for a little longer than he used to which gives me a little more time to do some things! I guess I'm in the spirit and am getting excited about the Holidays coming up! More so because I LOVE to give handmade or personalized gifts to the people I am close to. I just think it says something so much more than a gift card or other gifts! Well, we have an event this weekend here in my hometown that draws a big crowd of very crafty vendors and I like to go to scope out what the new trends are and to search for new ideas that I can try to recreate with my own spin on it! Well, Here is a little taste of one of my new creations! Monogrammed Christmas Ornament!!

I also paint glasses....wine glasses, pilsners, mugs, vases, etc! Here are a few samples of things I've done for clients in the past!

With the Holidays fastly approaching, I will be taking orders! If you or someone you know would like anything, please let me know!


GoekeFamily said...

Love love love the ornament! Simple yet so cute!

Jamison Family said...

You do a great job. I still have the toasting glasses you made for my wedding!

Paula said...

I just found your blog today. I love the ornaments that you made and especially love the VT wine glasses. I'm also a Hokie! My friend and I are going to the same event that you are going to on Saturday. I haven't been to it in years and years and am looking forward to seeing some new, creative things.

Mags said...

I just came across your blog via ClemsonGirl & the Coach. I'm also a fellow Hokie, so I had to leave a comment. I love those toasting glasses.