Wow, it's been a busy week! Last weekend, it started with my first and last yardsale EVER! Lemmetellya, not something I recommend! I did make quite a bit of money, but when you factor in the time it takes to go through everything you own, or have ever owned, tag it, set it up, clean it up, and haul it off to goodwill, it really doesn't amount to much! My mom joined me in the venture, well, I pretty much forced it upon her, but we slpit the profits, so she got a little something out of it!

Parents were here for 9 days! I love that they are able to visit so much, especially since they want to keep little hauss ALL the time! Gigi picked up little man everyday from preschool AND cooked dinner! Nothing better than that! I got to go to happy hour with the girls and workout in the evenings after work! When they are here, I feel like I don't really get anything done. My house looks like a pigsty and I didn't get to the grocery store until the cabinets were bare, but I have so much fun with them, so it all works out.

We also attended a wedding last weekend that was really nice, but most of all, we were just excited to have a night out! Its been a while since we've been out by ourselves, so we took full advantage and went out afterwards to meet some friends!

The week was also consumed with training for Daddy and classes for me! I'm so used to making up my own schedule, that having to be somewhere on someone else's time was a little weird. I still had my Friday off, so that was nice to be able to catch up on all of the errands I missed out on during the week. We did have time to squeeze in a little bike riding for the little huass though. I'm going to be able to take him on my training runs he was going so fast!

Little hauss went for his 3 year checkup and is officially HUGE! Not that we didn't know that already, but getting the measurements are just clarification. He weighed in at 44 pounds and is 40.5 inches tall! The Doctor said that is your typical 4 year old!!!!! Too bad he just turned 3! I always said I would take him to an amusement park when he was tall enough to ride the big rides, but I think we'll hold off. Definitely needs to be at least 5 before a roller coster!

Looking forward to a relaxing, low key weekend. Enjoy yours!

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