Adam and Eve!

Well, little hauss started an all day church preschool program a couple of weeks ago and loves it! I know my money is well spent because he comes home to tell me things he has learned that day and fun crafty projects that they have slaved over for our viewing pleasure! BTW, most said projects go into the trash (shh, don't tell him that) and only the most adorable or ones worth saving go into a storage box! Really, you could build a village with all that stuff! So, last week, I picked him up and he had one project of two stick figures under some green felt with they saying "Adam and Even disobey and hide from God" on the paper. I asked what Adam and Eve were doing on the paper and his response was "They ate an apple and hid behind the bushes." Pause, giggle, and then "They were naked!" HAHA! I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard! He is always cracking us up and obviously listening to EVERYTHING we say!

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