That is the number of miles in a Half Marathon! Now, most of you that know me, know that I do NOT love to run. A good brisk walk yes, but a run, notsomuch! So, a girlfriend of my, marathon girl, has almost convinced me that this will be a good idea! It is 6 months away and at DISNEY WORLD!!!!! I'm torn becuase I love me some Disney and the idea of a girls weekend without the Hubby or Little Hauss, but running?? Really?
I did some research on the half marathon training programs out there on the internet, and found some that I feel I could really work with, not to mention, it could get some of the extra baggage I've been carrying around off. I looked up the info on the Disney website about the event and it does look like a great time! Its called the Disney Princess Half Marathon! Obviously, its for Princesses, which both my friend and I definitely are, so you see my problem! I was getting pretty convinced that I could actually pull this off and then, there is was, the small print that said, maximum time to complete race will be 3.5 hours! Notsosure about that! That is 16 minutes a mile! Now, I can walk a fast mile, but 13 of them all at once????
This definitely calls for some thought!

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